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VIDA Book: Balancing Literacy and Language in Dual Language Programs

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     Our VIDA BOOK First Edition is now available only as a downloadable PDF @VIDA Shop   

The AMAZING VIDA BOOK Second Edition is scheduled to be released in SPRING of 2024 with more incredible hands-on ideas and practical ways to bring ¡VIDA A TUS LECCIONES!  

             During our session, participants engage in the handcrafting of Purposeful Activity Centers (PACs), which can be immediately implemented in the classroom, thus ensuring a higher degree of application and 100% connection between theory and practice.

          Participae involved in hands-on experiences aimed to develop routines that support differentiated instruction through a customized and individualized approach.


           When routines are adopted successfully in the second language-learning settings, specific needs and unique challenges are met, thus facilitating an effective path toward bi-literacy.


¡Un camino al éxito!

Vivencia indispensable de la didáctica aplicada, VIDA.



Introducción a través del lente del educador

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Tabla de contenido

Estrategias efectivas para la instrucción bilingüe en la primaria.



Cada unidad contiene aplicaciones prácticas  para desarrollar centros y actividades para estaciones de aprendizaje.

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