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Objective: Compare and contrast 

Usa el cuento "La granja de mi hermano" para deleitar a los alumnos comparando los animales reales con los extraños animales que narra la historia.

Comparando los animales

Usa un PAC de Global VIDA que ayude a definir 4 aspectos de cada animal que vas a comparar (encontrar los aspectos iguales) y contrastar ( identificar los aspectos diferentes)

Purposeful Activity Center,
VIDA PAC Routine Instruction

Before your second language learners can compare and contrast, the first step is to analyze.  This PAC is perfect to place your animal picture in the middle and find the 4 aspects that best describe the animal picture. 

Do this with a picture of a real animal first and then use the same chart to analyze the animal in the story. After these charts are completed, use the sentences around to complete the VENN DIAGRAM 

Comparar y contrastar.jpg
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