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Exclusive Distributor and Implementation CPE Support of Clase LEE in you Campus / Dual Language Program.
Finally! A resource that aligns with Reading Academy and STR Standards.

LeeLee APP es un método rápido fundamentado en la fonética para enseñar a niños a leer en español desde las etapas de la lectura emergente y la lectura temprana. El siguiente video ilustra cómo identificar a los alumnos que se benefician del aprendizaje fonético a través del uso de esta aplicación descargable.

LeeLee App offers a Spanish phonics method to teach emergent and early readers.  In this video, the teacher identifies the areas of decoding where the student needs more support, thus illustrating exactly how to identify the students that benefit from learning how to use successfully this Spanish phonics-based tool.

struggling to read
1- VC Pattern
2- CVC Pattern
3- CCV Pattern 

1- One-on-one VC review
2- Syllabic Awareness Practice:
CVC Pattern and
 CCV Pattern 

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