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Purposeful Activity Centers


Why Purposeful Activity Centers PAC's?
Programs for SLLs can be saturated with resources and still not be enough to ensure success; therefore well-planned implementation does not supplant, it supplements.
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Supplementing is the key to AVOID becoming: ONE MORE THING TO DO by: Identifying the real needs and what is keeping the students from meeting the objectives. 

Using district’s data by grade level and always including more than one single source of information. 

Integrating and utilizing new and current resources that are already in place, in order to find connections that support the achievement of similar goals. 

Preparing unique professional development programs based on the VIDA system strategies: 

1. Correlations 

2. Alignments 

3. Customization Programs: Literacy-Centered

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The teacher begins with a vocabulary word and the different routine-based tasks include: name, definition, spelling, number of letters, initial sound, end sound, number of syllables, word classification, adding an article, adding an adjective, adding a complete sentence, and making a paragraph.



A Purposeful Activity Center produces successful results because it allows for a continuous review of key literacy components. 


Classroom Application This PAC can be used as a daily review during calendar time or as a transition activity during the language arts period. 

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