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Professional Development               Services

Ending the Teacher Shortage in Bilingual Learning Education!

We provide Bilingual/ESL/LOTE Support  Synchronous/Asynchronous, and  Face-to-Face Models in both English and Spanish based on the State Standards

Continuing Professional Education PD

Global VIDA offers customized Continuing Professional Education

CPE approved by TEA  and  proven to excel ALL  bilingual program goals.

Social-Emotional Professional Development workshops

Global VIDA's make-n-take programs are NEVER the SAME session for all… We strive to offer the RIGHT FIT for EACH bilingual/ ESL teacher!
When teachers handcraft VIDA Purposeful Activity Centers, PACs during the workshops, these are designed to support
equity for second language learners as well!

Certification Preparation Programs PD

The Global VIDA system is perfect for test-preparation PD because we support the above educator certifications using the following research-based principles:

1. Competence mastery

2. Personalized pre and post-test results

3. Internalization and automaticity of each domain’s content

LEE LEE APP- Professional Development

LeeLee APP es un método rápido fundamentado en la fonética para enseñar a niños a leer en español desde las etapas de la lectura emergente y la lectura temprana.

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